Missionary Internship

Missionary Internship Program Outline

The purpose of the Missionary Internship is to provide the candidate with a variety of opportunities which equips him/her for ministry and culminates in a 3-12 month Field Internship on a field to be determined by the candidate and 516Missions staff. The Orientation/Equipping “phase” is a flexible 2 ½ -3 month training designed to give the candidate experience in the foundational aspects of ministry such as preaching/teaching, witnessing, discipleship, and serving. Successful completion of this phase will involve the candidate in one of the most dynamic, life –changing, and effective ministries as you work along side a missionary or church planter in the field. It is our desire that this internship serve as a “springboard” for individuals who desire to grow in ministry and mission work.

1)      After initial application, an interview will be scheduled with the candidate and either the Missionary, Missionary Internship Coordinator, or Pauline Baptist Church Pastor.

2)      With a recommendation from the interviewer, the candidate may begin this phase of the internship. Ideally, this phase should be completed in Monticello in conjunction with Pauline Baptist Church, but may be completed in another location if requested by the candidate. If another location is requested, accommodations must be made in order ensure that requirements are met. These may include, but are not limited to, accountability with the candidate’s pastor or church leaders, occasional meetings in Monticello, and statements of assurances.

3)      Internship Orientation/Equipping includes completion of the following:

a)      Specific Bible Study & Discussion

b)      Required Reading-Choose two of the following:

Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip (David C. Forward)

Serving with Eyes Wide Open (David Livermore)

Culture Shock (Myron Loss)

The Indigenous Church (Melvin Hodges)

Foreign to Familiar (Sarah Lanier)

c) Cross-Cultural Orientation

d)  20 hours total of ministry field experience and reflection at a local church

-5 hours preaching/teaching (may include children, youth, college/young adults, adults)

-5 hours personal evangelism

-5 hours discipleship

­-5  hours service in the church/community

20     hours total

e)      Raising funds for travel to/from the field, cost of living, support etc. (Total cost depends on field and duration of stay)

f)       Candidate evaluation interview(s) and recommendation for Field experience

Contact Information:

Ashley Johnston, Director of 516Missions

Pauline Baptist Church

PO Box 299

Monticello, AR 71657



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