Short-Term Trips

We partner with missionaries all over the world to provide practical ways for people to GO. We would love for you to join one of our mission teams this year! Click on the links below to learn more about each of our trips.

All of our trips are subject to change or cancellation based on travel restrictions and changing regulations.

Turkana, Kenya

June 3-16

With missionary Eddie Williams, we will travel to remote villages in northern Kenya to aid in a building project as well as teach a few Bible lessons.

Dates: June 3-16
Starting Cost: $2600
*No more than 10 travelers*


June 12-18

Partnering with CityReach, we focus on community outreach activities in Hattiesburg, MS.

Dates: June 12-18
Cost: $480 (excluding transportation)
*Register your group through the CityReach website*

UMission: Flagstaff

July 15-22

Designed just for college students, we will be hosting X-Camps in Flagstaff, AZ.

Dates: July 15-22
Cost (excluding transportation): $750

Lafayette, LA

June 14-18 (date change)

Deep in the heart of South Louisiana, spend 4 days serving with Acadiana Baptist Church and the annual Love On Lafayette (LOL) mission trip.

Dates: June 14-18, 2021
Starting Cost: $185 (excluding transportation)

Austin, TX

July 26-August 1

In the suburbs of Austin, this group will focus on helping a church with their kids’ camp.

Dates: July 24-30, 2021
Starting Cost: $700


July 23-27

Limited to 100 participants, students can experience serving with church planters in Bentonville, Arkansas, through different community outreach projects.

Dates: July 23-27

Starting Cost: $200 (this does NOT include transportation or lodging)


This trip is for all abilities as we will be assisting with the finishing touches on a new church building.

Summer or Fall, 2022
Starting Cost: $2800


Designed for adults, this trip gets into the community to help support a local missionary.

September 2021
Starting Cost: $235 (does not include lodging)

Dallas, TX

One weekend every August, we move furniture in hopes that this will open the door to building relationships through the International Christian Fellowship at UTDallas.

Possibly August 2021
Starting Cost: $100

Let’s affect eternity together.

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