Wherever you are

be LIGHT there.

You are uniquely designed by The Creator to shed light.

Here or there, where will you shine?

We want to be a catalyst for people to live out what God has uniquely designed them to do.

Shining light can come in many different forms and we believe that God places you in situations, locations, and stages of life to live out His Mission and His desire for the world. HE places us in close proximity to people who we are called to impact and/or learn from and we want to be a catalyst to help people find where and how to shine. We are working on redefining how we do that as a ministry and are excited about what this is going to look like in the near future.

Learn through Experience

We will continue to offer opportunities to travel with teams to impact others around the US and around the globe, but are working on ways to encourage followers of Jesus to be “disciples who make disciples.” Would you join us?

Power in Numbers

We want to partner with others who are Kingdom-minded and recognize the importance working together to advance God’s mission to the world.