Take Your Own Group

WANT TO DO A SHORT TERM MISSIONS TRIP WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND?! We can help! Take your group, church, youth group, organization, or members from your community on an experience they’ll never forget.

We’ll handle the “leg work” of travel, meals, logistics, and ministry opportunities so you don’t have to. We can customize your trip based on the WORK your group wants to do and WHERE they want to do it. We can even provide experienced group leaders for your group. We want your group to have long-term impact both here and abroad.

If we do the leg work, then all you’ll have to do is raise the money and spend time building relationships with your group members and working alongside them.

To schedule a trip & group leader, contact us at:



2 thoughts on “Take Your Own Group

  1. Hi, can you tell me if you have any 3-5 day trips for 2019 summer that would be centered for 13-18 yr olds?
    We are in Arkansas. A drive distance (less than 10 hrs If possible) would be fine.
    I know this is likely a bit late. We had a trip being planned but it’s not going to work out. Trying to change gears now.

    1. Hey Tammy! Sorry for the delayed response, but we don’t have any trips in the supper that are 3-5 days this year. That said, if there’s a church planter, missionary, or church you guys are connected to, we could help get some of the logistics together…Let us know if we can help!

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