Turkana, Kenya

Turkana, Kenya

June 3-16, 2021
Cost: $2535

Located in the northern deserts of Kenya, Turkana is rich in opportunities to minister and experience culture in Africa. Be ready to worship, witness, and get your hands dirty. We will be assisting in a building project with missionary Eddie Williams, so get your Swahili ready and sign up today!

Eddie Williams has been working in Kenya since the late nineties and works with the people of Turkana, sharing the Gospel and training pastors to lead indigenous churches. We will fly into Nairobi and then on to Turkana.

This trip is typically suited for experience mission-trippers or the adventurous. Travel will be rigorous and rewarding. You will also need a passport for travel to and from Kenya. Don’t have one? Click here to start your application.

No immunizations are required for travel to Kenya, though some immunizations are strongly encouraged. For a list of recommendations, visit the CDC website for Kenya.

Full payment covers trip/cultural orientation, airfare, lodging, ground transportation, meals, admission to sightseeing points, and a travel Visa. There is a $100 non-refundable deposit due March 8, 2021.

If you are interested in this short-term experience, please fill out the application by clicking the green button. Our director will contact you about information such as travel itinerary, payment deadlines, and other requirements.

Check out the WHAT’S YOUR STORY page to see highlights of our experiences in Kenya.

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