What’s your story?

What did God do on your trip? How did he change you? Provide for you? Who did you meet? What is their story? Here’s your opportunity to share YOUR story. Post your mission trip stories, pics, and videos here. Keep reading below to see others’ stories.

Affecting Lives. Affecting Eternity.

“Each day I end my prayers with ‘God put me wherever you need me so that I can help others the way that you help me.’ I honestly never imagined going on mission trips. I’ve always heard of missionaries and what they do, but I never really considered I could or would be one of those people. And it wasn’t until I went to Pauline that I realized we are all on a mission to share God’s love. And if I am praying for God to put me where he needs me why would I limit myself? After talking to myself for days about going on an actual mission trip, I took the leap and went. [I’m] not a fan of flying, and I get anxious being far from my loved ones. But I knew God had a plan for me. And I trusted that. My heart was changed in Anaheim, CA, in so many ways. It was there that my eyes were opened to so many lost souls. My heart literally ached for the first 48 hours of being there. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people in need of God’s love. After days of being there and wrestling with my own thoughts of how to save the world, my mind finally in the most peaceful way stopped yelling and said, ‘Just keep going.’ So one trip at a time, one person at a time, one prayer at a time, I will just keep going. Because God will always put me where he needs me.”

Amanda K., Anaheim 2019

“As a tripper, 516Missions always helped me see people, from various cultures, languages, nationalities, and religions, from God’s perspective. Now as a campus minister to international students, this is a value we try to instill in every new laborer: demonstrate God’s unconditional love and compassion toward others, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they believe. We are merely His seed scatterers and light bearers to all the world; and the world is in our own backyard!”

Daren c., International Christian Fellowship Director UTDallas

“I would encourage everyone to commit to taking a trip with 516 Missions. You may think you are going to help the local missionaries, which you will, but you will also see a change within yourself. The program is well-run and led by a great team that planned the whole process for us. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to travel with this amazing work.”

Greg S., Multiple trips to Kenya and Indonesia

“I’m so glad I was able to go on a mission trip at a young age. I got to see what it’s like in other parts of the country and how different people are around the world. It’s cool to see how God works outside of my own little world and in a culture different from mine. I really love that I now have friends from mission-minded families on both sides of the country, and we still talk to each other often! It really makes me think I want to be a missionary or something like that one day! I can’t wait to go on my next mission trip!”

Ady J., Anaheim 2019

“I was skeptical of short-term missions and wondered how effective a week-long trip could actually be. After going to Anaheim, I saw how encouraging it is to simply have extra bodies working on tasks so that those who are planted can make meaningful connections of outreach with the people in their area. It’s an act of selfless giving of time and resources to help out our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world, to encourage them and provide them a support team that continues on after the trip is done. Traveling is fun, but more than the memories, I treasure the long distance friendships that are made with like-minded people fighting the good fight.”

Lacey J., Anaheim 2019

“Our lives were transformed by God through 516 Missions: We went on our first trip praying about foreign adoption and were ready and willing to do whatever God revealed to us. That first trip was a turning-point for our church and us. We decided to go on more trips and then expected to start leading trips — as our pastor could no longer go with each group: our church was doing three trips each year. However, God took us a step further, and we felt the call into full-time mission work. This eventually led to further education from Missionary Baptist Seminary and MTM. We are now interstate missionaries in Atlanta, Georgia. It is difficult for us to know how eternity will be affected by the people we were able to serve during our short-term mission trips with 516 Missions — we know God has that under control, and we get to sit-back with joy and watch! But, we saw an immediate impact on our own walk of discipleship with Christ; he stretched us beyond what we could do and our quality of faith. God showed us what He can do through a willing servant if one is faithful to take the next step or ministry opportunity He has placed in front of them.”

Ben and Ann F., Missionaries

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